Friday, May 22, 2020

Dent App Free Recharge Application | Free Recharge

Use eSIM data to plan travel, send mobile data to the top, or call friends around the world.

  This is DENT-the first application that allows you to send mobile data to anyone in the world.  Set up your phone or fill in your friend ’s phone.

  With DENT ESIM, you can download a digital SIM card to your phone and add a global data plan to 50 countries around the world.

  In addition, you can call family and friends via DENT voice from anywhere in the world without paying extra fees.

  View all DENT functions:

  Top mobile data rankings per phone

  You don't have cell phone data anymore, is it too far to recharge next time?  Use DENT to easily charge your phone!  Currently, we support more than 235 operators in more than 120 countries.  Find your service provider by entering any number in the application.

  Plan global data plan for eSIM devices

  With your DENT ESIM, you can add our global data plan and stay connected to the Internet anytime, anywhere.  You can travel without changing the SIM card.  The following eSIM-enabled devices allow you to use the DENT data plan:

  -Samsung Galaxy Fold (LTE)
  -Samsung Z Flip
  -Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 +, S20 ultra
  -Google Pixel 4
  -Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL
  -Long live Motorola

  How to install eSIM using DENT:

  -Use your phone number and email to create a free account and get rewards.

  -Buy a global plan in the size you like

  -Start the process of installing DENT ESIM configuration file.  Just follow the instructions.

  After activating DENT ESIM, you are free to use it and complete the current global plan.


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