Thursday, May 21, 2020

TalkU Apk Download For Android | TalkU App

Free calls, SMS and international calls and SMS with phone number

  Holiday house with TalkU group chat!

  Stop paying for expensive mobile phone talk time and text messages!

  Stop using international calling cards and waste your money and time!

  TalkU allows you to make free calls to anyone via Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G data networks without using a mobile phone number.  Compared with the telephone company, you can save up to 90%.

  Get phone number for free
  Unlimited call and SMS content
  Save a lot of international calls and SMS
  Turn tablet into phone
  Call quality between mobile phone and shutdown

  TalkU, a new way to talk, text and communicate.

  Why use TalkU?

  Free calls and SMS
  Unlimited calls and text messages between TalkU users
  Call and send text messages to any phone number in the world for free!
  There is no roaming fee even if you call from abroad

  Free inte Free international calls in
  Call any mobile number in more than 200 countries

  Ultra low price
  When your friend or family member receives your call, display your phone number.

  Clear call
  Voice call is transferred to TalkU's year-end VoIP network
  High-definition sound technology brings excellent clarity
  Free calls are no longer low quality!

  Free US phone number
  Usable local US phone numbers!
  Mobile phones without a SIM card require a second line
  Turn tablet into phone
  Can answer calls even when the mobile phone has poor reception

  Excellent advanced features
  Visual sound can be heard immediately
  Block unnecessary calls to stop spammers
  Call screen
  Call forward to phone number

  And more
  Record phone calls for future review
  Free group meeting requires up to 8 people
  Turn your mobile phone into a walkie-talkie.  Press to speak!

  TalkU, the best call and SMS app ever!

  Free SMS, SMS and international calls are only available to TalkU users.
  You can make international calls for free to make money.
  TalkU uses Internet calling (also includes WiFi calling, IP calling or VoIP calling), which requires a data connection.
  Unlike international calling cards, TalkU will not use your mobile phone talk time.
  TalkU can be used as a recorder to record calls.  You need to ensure that the phone flow is in compliance with local and state laws.

  Some of our expenses:
  Call US 0.9c / min
  Call Mexico 0.9c / min
  Call India 1.8c / min
  Call Pakistan 4.9 gallons / minute
  Make a call to Bangladesh 1.8 cents / minute
  Call the Philippines at 7.5 gallons / minute
  Call Jamaica 9.2 minutes / minute
  Call Nepal at 7.5 per minute
  Call Saudi Arabia 6.6c / min
  Call Africa: Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. from 5 c / min
  c is TalkU points.

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