Saturday, July 25, 2020

Hot Star App Foe Android | Hotstar

Watch the latest and greatest live sports, TV and movies in multiple languages.

    Disney+ Hotstar is your video streaming application that can play the best live sports shows, TV series and movies.

    Unlimited access to 100,000 hours of TV series and movies in India and around the world, Star of India TV series, every major sporting event, such as the upcoming VIVO IPL 2020 and T20 World Cup, and our exclusive Hotstar Specials.

    For users in India, we also brought the best stories from Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel (Disney+) studios.  We also baptized them in Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu!

    You can see Hotstar:
    Free: Thousands of hours of India’s most popular movies, TV star shows, previews and highlights of cricket and other sports, and the latest news.

    Subscribe to Disney + Hotstar VIP: Disney + bilingual programs and movies, unlimited viewing of live sports programs (for example, VIVO IPL, Premier League, Formula One and tennis), the latest TV star series before the start of TV, the latest treasure  Lywood movies, we are an exclusive program library produced by Hotstar Specials.

    Subscribe to Disney + Hotstar Premium: Include VIP and the latest American TV series, Hollywood movies and Disney movies, TV shows and original works in all languages ​​(including English).
    What do you think of Hotstar:

    Answer: For sports fans:

    India vs South Africa 2020, VIVO IPL 2020, T20 World Cup and Asian Cup!

    For VIVO IPL 2020, Watch'N Play has returned exciting features, such as Social Feed, where you can chat and invite friends while playing.

    Other popular matches on Hotstar include the Premier League (PL), Indian Premier League (ISL), Kabaddi Professional League (PKL) and Tennis Grand Slam.

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