Sunday, July 19, 2020

Temp Mail | Temporary Email For Android

Keep the mailbox clean.  Obtain a temporary email address.  Refer to the use of something

    Keep the mailbox clean.  Get a temporary email address.

    Using the Temp Mail app, you can immediately get an available temporary email address and immediately receive emails including photos or any other attachments.

    No more revealing your real email to anyone.  This will lead to endless spam, advertisements, email hacking attacks and phishing attempts.  Keep the box clean and safe.  Mohmal provided a temporary, anonymous, free, mail-style address in 59 minutes.

    First: Are you talking about Temp Mail?

    The name of the site is inspired by the meaning of Arabic spam, which is the spam we receive from our service that uses personal emails for registration every day.

    Why use Temp Mail?

    ● hide spam
    Regjist does not require registration
    .  Generate temporary email when available
    Protect your privacy and anonymity by banning spam in your personal inbox
    .  Receive multiple or single attachments that can be downloaded via email
    ●Email will be permanently and safely deleted forever

    Using the "Temporary Mail" application, you can:

    Menjëherë immediately generates a new email address
    Në copy to clip
    .  Automatically receive emails and email attachments
    .  Notify me of new email
    .  Read incoming emails, including files
    .  Download resources (EML), including files
    Delete quickly delete and/or generate a new email address.

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