Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Virtual Android 10 App For Android | Best App

Virtual Android 10 and run two accounts from the same application (such as WhatsApp, Facebook, COC, etc.).  come out
   Virtual Android 10 feature allows you to register two accounts of an application (such as WhatsApp) at the same time and create a private space using the hidden application.

    • 100% free
    •Zero third-party advertising
    Account parallel social accounts, parallel space!
    .  Log in to your second account and protect your privacy
    ✔️Two accounts can work on one phone at a time

dir="ltr">     Supports most social and messaging applications, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, WeChat, etc.

    Double fun!
    ✔️Play double game algorithm, get double experience and honor
    Ports supports the most popular games
    Ja Google Play game registration support
    Create a private space to protect your privacy!

    Use a security lock to protect your private space
    .  Prevent or allow apps to display notifications
    Install incognito and hidden applications (applications only appear in your private space, not in your device space)

*Support 32-bit applications
    The 32-bit engine with core independent technology perfectly supports 32-bit applications.

    * Support for 64-bit applications
    64-bit engine with core independent technology, perfect support for 64-bit applications.

    *No ads, completely free
    The clone application has no ads, is completely free, and provides users with high-quality services.

    *Main game with multiple accounts
    Supports popular games and cannot use multiple accounts.

    *Balance between work and life
    Support popular applications to provide consistent multi-bill services.