Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Virtual Android 9 Best App For Android

WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, the most social applications have countless unlimited accounts.

    Virtual Android 9 space and application cloning
    WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, the most social applications have countless unlimited accounts.
    Do you want to manage multiple social accounts and move quickly between them?
    Do you want to play games with different characters or multiple accounts for more fun?
    Virtual Android 9 can help you manage multiple accounts!

    Le Virtual Android 9  App Cloner is the official clone app that helps you support multiple accounts, WhatsApp clone, Parallel Space, phone clone and WhatsApp support

    Virtual Android 9 Space and Application Clone has the lightest and most powerful clone engine, which can help you clone your application to another separate parallel space.  In addition, A More can help you manage notifications from cloned applications and provide Locker privacy function to protect cloned applications.  It also provides a compact mode to achieve better memory and battery usage for cloned applications.

    Virtual Android 9 Space is compatible with most instant messaging applications, gaming applications and social networking applications.  Support Google Play services, you can connect to the Google Play games or other services on the clone.

    ★WhatsApp clone
    Support WhatsApp multi-billing service on a single phone at the same time.

    64 supports 64-bit applications
    64-bit engine with core independent technology, perfect support for 64-bit applications.

    Switching can quickly switch between duplicate accounts with one click, import two accounts at once, and create clone label icons.

    Lock the privacy of Locker to protect your cloned account

    Reduced mode mode provides better power and memory efficiency

    Agency notification agency, used to manage clone notifications

    .  Work-life balance
    Support popular applications to provide consistent multi-bill services.