Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Avast Cleanup Antivirus Booster For Windows 8/910

Tools to free up storage space, improve performance and extend battery life

 Avast Cleaning is a very effective and relaxing Android holiday app.

    Save storage space
    Clean up the garbage that takes up space to make room for the things you want.
    • Delete unnecessary files, such as application cache, temporary files or remaining data
    • Identify and delete programs that are no longer used

    Separate photo library
    • One tap to clean up the photo library
    • Get rid of similar, stale, and poor quality photos
    • Optimize photo size and move the original to the cloud

    Allocation performance (RAM cleaner)
     Prevent starvation programs from consuming your resources.
    • Easily clean up RAM and improve device performance
    • Stay asleep to extend battery life and speed up the phone
    • Stop programs used for CPU, battery, memory and traffic
    • Uninstall pre-installed expansion software and other programs that have never been used

    Extend battery life
    Make full use of battery life to extend service life.
    • Disable cell phone functions that you don’t use often
    • Clean RAM
    • Set up a profile to automatically adjust battery usage based on your location (home, work, car)

    Program overview
    • Software analysis
    • Usage statistics
    • Analysis of application size increase
    • Notification analysis
    • Rapid growth function

    Media reports
    •Access to image analysis results
    • Optimize images to save space
    • Media ranking according to source guidelines
    • All large video files are in one view

    Unlock advanced features
    By updating to Avast Cleanup Premium, you can take advantage of powerful features to take your application to a new level.

    This application uses access permissions to help people with disabilities and other users stop all applications in the background with just one touch.

    Avast Cleaner-Cleaner for Android
    Get the ultimate cleaning, configuration and battery app for your smartphone.


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