Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Aadhan App For Android || Aadhan App Download

Access to popular news videos and short synthetic maps

    Download the Aadhan app and access popular news content in short video format (composed of top contributors).

    Don't we believe it?  The main reasons you should download the Aadhan app:

    1. Our exclusive videos include short videos, funny videos, internet series, food videos, music videos and so on.  Cherries on the cake?  They are also related regionally.  Switch between languages ​​smoothly.

    2. News snippets-fresh, accurate and fresh news with 60 words prevails on your plate

    It is creating more content for you.  Therefore, don't just wait.  Download the app and prepare to empty!

    Clear your question-who are you?  Why should I download your application?

    the answer is:

    The backbone of our company is entertainment.  We want to provide you with the best entertainment.

    First, read, view or listen to the content and sort it in our app!

    The fun without participation is like chasing a wild goose!

    Stay informed and use content anytime, anywhere!

    Our motto is to bring fun to all.  Unprecedented entertainment based on regional languages!  We are actually "everyone".

    Our next joint venture is the Aadhan app, which allows you to share content with friends on social media, save news and video clips to your favorites list, and get the latest news from TETIGHDHETres news clips, such as politics, entertainment, etc.  , Business, achievement technology, etc.  .

    You can read short messages, introduce friends and family and earn coins in the process!  You can also share and recharge these coins with friends.

    Short message application in Indian language: We provide short messages in English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil in 60 words or less format to save users time and read more news in less time.

    Short message apps in all categories: We provide current and best short messages in the following categories: car news, business news, crime news, entertainment news, international news, national news, political news, science news, sports news, technology news  And more news in major Indian languages ​​such as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and English news.

    Short message application in map format: simple and quick messages in the best map format, such as birthday wishes, celebrity news, sports maps, daily horoscope, map information.

    Offline news application: We also provide users with the function of reading offline news.

    If you think you are the best content player, please join us and earn more money than coins!  We also pay tribute to the biggest contributor.  There is a lot more to do in our application!  Boarding is because the journey with us has just begun, and it will only get better.

    Short news short format programs for moral videos.

    Aadhan provides you with the latest news from around the world in most Indian languages.  The best short news application in 60 word format.

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